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Our mission is to make a kinder and greener world and we would love for you to join us. We partner with retail and food service manufacturers to grow their businesses by adding Perfect Day protein to their products. Consumers are looking for new choices but don’t want to compromise on what they love about dairy – the taste and texture typically only found in conventional dairy.

Join us as we rethink how dairy products are made, providing dairy lovers and plant based fans a delicious, sustainable alternative.

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Food Service

The possibilities are endless: animal-free dairy protein pairs the nutrition anmd versatility of traiditional dairy with the heart and soul of suistainability. Revamp your product portfolio with protein that will derive innovation in the future.

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Brand Partnership

Perfect Day is partnering with food manufacturers looking to satisfy the tastes of both dairy lovers and plant-based consumers. And because Perfect Day's protein is so versatile, it can be used to make the animal-free favorites in the dairy aisle and beyond.

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Government & Non-Profits

We're partnering with non-profits and governments to realize our vision for the planets. If you're from a region that imports a large amounts of dairy, or is interested in using domestic-commodities to create high-quality protein, let's talk.

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Not in the food industry? We could still help!

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Finally a new option for dairy lovers and plant-based fans alike. We’ve invented the world’s first real milk proteins made without animals, so you can enjoy the real taste and texture of dairy.


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Plant based dairy options just cant compete with the creamy, delicious taste and texture of conventional dairy products. That’s why we create the first animal-free milk protein identical to the protein cow’s produce, in a way that’s completely cow’s free. Your customers can enjoy all the traditional dairy benefits without any  compromises.


Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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Our Life Cycle Assessment found that Perfect Day animal-free dairy protein is kind to our planet. Compared to dairy products from cows it reduces greenhouse emission by atleast 85% and upto 97%. 

Water Reduction - Coming Soon

Land Use Reduction - Coming Soon

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