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  • About Perfect Day

    Perfect Day is inventing a new way to make the foods you love today, for a kinder, greener tomorrow. Harnessing fermentation, we’re creating a new category of animal-free dairy. It satisfies the needs of dairy lovers and plant-based fans alike and takes the compromise out of the dairy aisle by restocking it with the best of both worlds: the real taste and texture of dairy, produced sustainably, and without the downsides of factory farming, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics. We believe in making dairy with zero compromises and we’re just getting started. 

    Our Mission

    Change the process, not the food: To create a kinder, greener tomorrow by developing new ways to make the foods you love today — starting in the dairy aisle. 

    Our Vision

    Strengthen the system: To build a more equitable, resilient, and diverse food system for all of us. 

  • Our Founders

    Ryan Pandya

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    Perumal Gandhi

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  • Founding Story

    In early 2014, our co-founders, Ryan and Perumal, were recent (struggling) vegans. 

    One day, Ryan drove 30 minutes to one of the only bagel shops in Boston that served vegan cream cheese hoping to satisfy his craving for dairy. Instead, he was met with a runny substitute that had the texture and flavor of melted plastic. 

    Frustrated by the lackluster experience — and disheartened about the future of plant-based dairy, if this was the best they could do — Ryan immediately started researching why milk was able to turn into cream cheese so much better than, say, soy milk. He was determined to solve the problem for good. 

    Ryan met Isha Datar of New Harvest, a community of scientists dedicated to figuring out how to make meat without animals. When he shared his idea to make animal-free milk, Isha connected him to Perumal, who was thinking the same thing from halfway across the world.  

    The two founders had a lot in common — Perumal, like Ryan, was a 23-year-old bioengineer with Indian heritage, working in medicine in the United States, and was a frustrated new vegan with aspirations of making animal-free milk.  

    Embracing the serendipity, they immediately agreed to team up and build something together. In the summer of 2014, Ryan and Perumal upended their lives to come together at an accelerator program in Cork, Ireland.  

    They co-founded a little company with a big idea, called Muufri. What came next was a flood of emails from fans all over the world hungry for animal-free dairy. Press wanted to write about them. Investors wanted to get involved on the ground floor. Somehow, their crazy idea was resonating with a serious global need. 

    Their vision really started to take shape when Ryan and Perumal secured a seed round from Solina Chau, the Founder of Horizons Ventures, who became one of their most passionate and supportive investors.  

    Ryan and Perumal were keenly aware of how big a challenge this would be – especially for two entry-level scientists. Realizing the path to success would be through a world-class team, they started searching for the smartest and most passionate experts around the world to help make their vision a reality. 

    Now that we had a big idea, funding, and a team — they needed the right name. One that matched our ambitions and future visions. 

    Luckily, we stumbled upon a study by two dairy scientists who discovered that calm, happy cows produce the most milk. And cows are happier when they listen to music! One of the songs that made cows produce the most milk was the song ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed. (Who knew cows were so cool?) 

    As a company on a mission to make cows, people, and the planet happier, it seemed like a perfect fit. The rest is cow-free history.  

  • Facts At-A-Glance

    Company Name: Perfect Day, Inc. 

    Founding Date: May, 8 2014 

    Founders: Ryan Pandya (CEO) and Perumal Gandhi 

    Number of Employees: 200 globally 

    Headquarters: Berkeley, CA 

    Current Markets: United States (nationwide) 

    Fundraising Timeline: 

    • Seed: $2 million (2014) 

    Highlighted Investors: Horizons Ventures, SOS Ventures 

    • Series A: $24 million (2018) 

    Highlighted Investors: Temasek Holdings, Horizons Ventures, ICONIQ, Continental Grain Company 

    • Series B: $34 million (2019) 

    Highlighted Investors: Horizons Ventures, Temasek Holdings 

    • Series C: $340 million (2020) 

    Highlighted Investors: CPP Investments, Horizons Ventures, Temasek Holdings, SK Holdings 

  • Our Process

    We harness fermentation, not cows, to make animal-free dairy protein that’s identical to the protein found in milk, casein, and whey, using the same, safe technology utilized for over 45 years to make everyday staples like vitamins and probiotics. 

    Working with a special microorganism, called a microflora, we give this microflora a unique blueprint that’s a copy of the very sequence of DNA responsible for protein production in cows. (Since we use only a copy of this DNA, publicly-available in an online database, animals aren’t used anywhere in our process.) This blueprint allows these tiny organisms to act like a cow.  

    When we place them in a fermentation tank along with simple plant-based ingredients like sugar, they ferment the sugar to create real dairy proteins. These proteins are filtered and separated into a pure whey protein that’s completely animal-free and functions just like the whey protein present in cow’s milk. To learn more, visit our Process page.

  • Our Products

    Animal-Free Frozen Dessert

    In the summer of 2019, we launched our first product, a limited-edition, Perfect Day-branded frozen dairy dessert, which sold out on our website in under 24 hours. Overwhelmed (and humbled) by positive feedback, we knew it was time to commercialize our first innovation via our B2B model. Since then, we’ve worked with a select group of some of the highest-quality ice cream brands on the market, each offering a uniquely positioned animal-free dairy dessert offering. Thanks to the limitless versatility of our patented non-animal whey protein, our partners can now offer their Customers the creamy, delicious taste of ice cream that plant-based alternative proteins just can’t match.  

  • Our Partners

    Brave Robot

    Brave Robot is the first brand from The Urgent Company. Utilizing Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein, Brave Robot delivers one of America’s favorite indulgences with zero compromises: the creamy taste and texture of traditional dairy ice cream, without the environmental impact of animals. Visit to learn more.  


    After 150 years of making the most irresistible ice cream you’ll ever taste, the Graeter family is finally able to bring the same level of indulgence to a vegan, lactose-free dessert. Using their signature small-batch, French Pot™ freezers, we handcraft Perfect Indulgence in the same way we make our craft ice cream. . . right down to hand packing every pint by hand. to learn more.  


    Maker of Swedish-style ice creams, Nick’s vegan line offers a frozen dessert with the same creaminess as their traditional Swedish-style ice creams, but vegan, lactose-free, and animal-free. Each pint contains no added sugar and only 3-6g of net carbs per pint. Visit to learn more.  

  • What is Animal-Free Dairy?

    We’re building an entire new category of animal-free dairy using a safe, well-established fermentation technology that’s been used for over 45 years to make a variety of household staples. We’ve invented the world’s first real milk proteins made without animals, so you can enjoy the real taste and texture of dairy — produced sustainably and without the downsides of factory farming and none of the cholesterol, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics.  

    Our animal-free dairy protein has the same nutritional profile and culinary functionality as the protein found in cow’s milk. Thanks to our innovative production process, it offers a more compassionate way to enjoy the dairy and a gentler impact on our planet. 

    Because our animal-free dairy proteins are identical to those found in cow’s milk, they deliver the same creamy, melty, silky taste and texture of conventional dairy that plant-based alternatives just can’t match. It’s ideal for providing a rich, creamy, smooth, and indulgent eating experience and excels in product applications requiring solubility, gelation, water-binding, foaming, heat stability, and emulsification. 

    However, because they are identical to the proteins from cows, they do contain milk allergens, which are labeled on products made with Perfect Day, “Contains: Milk Protein.” 

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